Sisters who use Animal Communication and Healing – Assisting Animals and their Humans to Live Happy Balanced Lives Together

Karen talks to animals telepathically
Gillian gives distance healing to animals


Karen and Gillian have a deep love for animals and work together, using their Animal Communication and Healing skills. They work at a distance using their intuitive and empathetic abilities. Assisting animals and their humans with the challenges they are facing in life.

Animal Communication

Karen uses her telepathic skills to discover what an animal is feeling and thinking. This is especially useful if there is a problem or issue. That their human companion is attempting to understand. 

Karen can help your animal explain and express their emotional and or behavioral issues. Her thoughtful and sensitive approach to animal communication can be most helpful: when your animal is injured, displaying odd behavior, anxious, nervous, or nearing the end of its life.  

A communication can help bring clarity, understanding and fresh insights to help dispel your concerns.

Animals also love being communicated with and love communicating – it helps them to feel heard!

I have consulted her several times about my pets and the messages she has given me have proven to be very clear and wonderfully helpful. I have no doubt that Karen is a true animal communicator and I am delighted to have found her.

Steven_H Ireland

Karen also talks to animals who have passed into Spirit. Their words from the other side can bring comfort and enlightenment to those who have been left behind.

Animal Healing

Gillian can see the root cause of a health problem in an animal’s energy field. She works to clear the animal’s energy field and heal the issue. The healing energy acts like a battery charger. Stimulating the body’s own innate healing mechanism. So that good health can result.

Energy imbalances and blockages can have an adverse effect on an animal’s overall health. These imbalances and blockages can stem from past traumas or injuries. The simple act of clearing them, can have a profound and positive effect.

This healing work can be of benefit to an animal’s health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual.

She is a gifted healer, compassionate, sensitive, kind, and patient. She’s also studied and practiced extensively to hone her natural abilities. 

Lisa Hanneman

If you have any questions or concerns about your animal’s health or behavior, Karen and Gillian are here to be of assistance. We work on a Donation basis.