Karen Mary Offutt and Gillian Knebel are sisters who love to talk to and heal animals. They went their separate ways and have now joined forces offering Animal Communication and Healing.


Before there were Veterinarians our Great Grand Father was a Horse Doctor. There are many tales about him and his beloved horses. Our Mother was a natural Animal Intuitive, though we only came to realize this later on in life. Their love of animals and their abilities must have been passed on to us.

Karen and Giillian were both born in London, UK.  When they became adults they went their separate ways – Gillian moved to Ireland and Karen eventually moved to France. Interestingly, they found out over time, that their lives seemed to be running in parallel.

They both learned Animal Communication and Healing and whilst Karen excelled in Animal Communication, Gillian was drawn to Healing.  They both discovered that they liked to work with clients at a distance and that this work was powerful and effective.

After a while they started to combine their skills, both with their own animals, with friend’s animals and with injured animals (mainly birds) who would frequently appear needing assistance.

About Karen

karen and pony

It seems as if I have spent my life searching for a purpose, and as a result, I have had a varied working life.  I have a degree in Interior Design and worked as a designer, but ultimately found I needed more spiritual fulfillment from my work.  I then started working with adults with learning and physical disabilities which I enjoyed, but it was physically demanding.

During this time, I studied and started my own healing practice—working as a Reflexologist and Bowen Therapist.  I then discovered Shamanism and after a few years of study, became a Shamanic Practitioner.

When Gillian organized a course in Animal Communication, led by well known Animal Communicator Pea Horsley, I couldn’t wait to attend. The course turned out to be transformational. I couldn’t believe that I was receiving so many messages from the animal teachers on the course and it felt so natural to do so!  Since then, I have studied with the Interspecies Communicator Joanne Yeo to hone my communication skills.

About Gillian

I was born in London and have a background in the Creative Arts. Since experiencing a spiritual ‘awakening’ in my early twenties, I have devoted myself to spiritual and metaphysical studies.

I studied Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Healing, Orthobionomy and Spinal Touch. Then I moved to Ireland where I lived for 20 years. Working there as a Massage Therapist, for both the Irish Wheelchair association and the MS Society. I also worked as an online Tarot Reader and had my own website with a team of dedicated Tarot Readers. During my time in Ireland, I also created music, song and dance pieces including videos. I returned to the UK in 2012.

One of my favorite things in life is being out in nature, especially on my bicycle and I am a keen gardener and vegetable grower. I also practice ballet and have recently taken up Taekwondo.

Stray and injured animals often come into my life. These include stray Cats and Dogs (there were many in Ireland) Hedgehogs, Pheasants, Crows and Rooks.

Gillian is a Member of the National Healers Association and has a Diploma in Animal Magic Healing

Assistance For Animals and Their Humans From Karen and Gillian