This blog is about the magic of Animal Communication and Healing.

Karen and Gillian take this opportunity to share some of the magical experiences they have had and are having, in their work with animals and other Beings.

Learning and Teaching

They also take this opportunity to share what they have learned and are learning. In order to help you with your own Animal Communication and Healing endeavors.

Animal Communication and Healing

Karen discovered her ability to communicates with other species, later in life. She found that she has a strong clairaudient ability. So she can clearly hear what other creatures are saying telepathically.

Gillian has had many injured and stray animals come into her life. Which encouraged her, out of desire and necessity. To develop and practice, her healing skills.

Past Conversations and Healing Experience

Writing this blog, is an opportunity to share conversations Karen has had in the past, with different creatures. Also experiences Gillian has had in the past, healing various animals and birds.

Past conversations with Crow and Pheasant for example – birds that have been in need of healing. In these two examples, Karen’s ability to communicate with the birds, was an integral part of the success of the Gillian’s healing.

Talking to the Elements

Karen also talks to the Elements and to the Land. So much so that she is able to communicate with the wind and the elements, in order to create rain. Karen also talks to elementals, insects, trees and plants.

Karen has also had a long conversation with a Tall Grey ET, which makes interesting reading. Stanley by name, approached Karen. Wanting her to convey some information and correct some misconceptions, about the Tall Greys .

A Glimpse Into Other Worlds

These are fascinating conversations and demonstrate the regaining of a lost ability. One which is well worth restoring, to the human family.

Its enlightening to get a glimpse into the world of another creature. To learn how another creature entirely thinks, feels, perceives and experiences life.

Photo by Tomáš Malík on Unsplash

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