Animals are naturally telepathic and so are experts in Animal Communication – the communication between humans and animals.


Animals communicate with each other telepathically. They also use verbal, physical, auditory and olfactory ways to communicate. Animals and Humans also communicate with each other in order to get their needs met. These methods of communication usually include using the five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

The term ‘Animal Communication’ referred to on this Website describes the telepathic communication between animals and humans. Animals are experts in Animal Communication as they are naturally telepathic and communicate with each other and humans using these abilities.

Telepathy between animals and humans requires the human communicator to use their telepathic radar to gain information and insights from the animal.  This can take the form of words and sentences, images, sounds, smells, tastes and emotions.

With enough desire and practice any human can develop their telepathic and animal communication skills. These are natural abilities that have been socialized out of humanity for the most part. These abilities are recoverable.  Karen of Animal Assisters,  has a particularly highly developed sense of Clairaudiencewhich makes her an especially gifted Animal Communicator.

How The Experts In Animal Communication Talk To Humans

Animals, unlike most humans, are experts in telepathic communication, and we humans are just trying to catch up!  When I communicate with animals using telepathy, I incorporate all of my senses so the communication is the deepest it can be. I receive words, emotions, pictures, smells, sounds and even tastes during a communication, depending on the questions asked of our animal teachers.  The deeper one goes using all the senses, a more complete picture emerges of what your animal needs, and I have developed my “inner detective” to help uncover what is really happening in their lives.

I am continually amazed by the depth and clarity of my communications with animals. Their honesty, wisdom, and love for their human companions is humbling indeed. Using animal communication to explore how your pet is feeling can help with many pet problems. Animals generally love to communicate, as it helps them feel heard and have their feelings acknowledged. Animals have so much wisdom they can impart to us.  We just need to be open, and listen.’

Animal Communication Sessions with Karen

Please contact me if you would like an animal communication session with me. I will need a photograph of your pet – preferably showing your pets eyes – and a list of questions that you would like to ask. After I have communicated with your pet, I will send you a written transcript of the dialogue.  Often, a communication uncovers other questions that need clarification from your pet, and that is all included in the fee.

I also communicate with animals who have passed into Spirit and this can also be immensely healing for those feeling the loss of a beloved pet.  Perhaps your pet suffered a lot before passing over?  This type of communication can help both humans and pets heal and find peace of mind.

Here is a Sample Animal Communication Session

Here is two Samples of Animals in Spirit Communication