Animal Communicator Karen and Animal Healer Gillian work together, using out empathetic, intuitive telepathic and healing skills. We offer assistance for animals and their human companions, with the challenges they are facing in life.


We work with all sorts of issues, for example:

Anxiety and Nervousness



Fear and Shyness

Illness and Injury

End of Life Care


We offer:

Animal Communication and Healing

Communication with Your Pet

Animal and Human Healing

Combined Human and Animal Healing

Communicating with a Pet who has Passed into Spirit

Help for Wildlife

Whatever challenge you and your animal friend are facing whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or behavioral we are here to offer help.

We will work closely with you to overcome your challenges. So that life together with your animal friend, can be a happy, healthy, peaceful and joyful experience.

We use our telepathic abilities to talk to your animal to get to know exactly how your animal friend is feeling and what s/he is thinking. We use our healing skills to balance and energize your animal’s energy field. Which in turn contributes to better overall health.

If you yourself are unwell or having emotional difficulties, we can give your healing too. Doing this will also have a beneficial on your pet’s health and well being. See my article about how humans affect animal’s health.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss what is going on for your and your pet. We can then choose together, the best course of action to take.

We usually start with an Animal Communication and then go from there. Depending on what your animal has said to us about his or her condition. You or your animal friend may need weekly healing or in acute situations, daily healing.

Regular feedback from you is an important part of the healing process and we will be in contact all along the way.

Our Animal Communication and Healing work, which falls under the heading of Complimentary Therapy, works well in conjunction with any veterinary treatment that is being undertaken. It is advisable to have a veterinary diagnosis before we start the healing work, but we know that this is not always practical or possible.

We work on a Donation basis. So you are welcome to donate, whatever you are happy and comfortable contributing to us.