What is Healing?

Firstly I will describe what I mean by healing and then what I mean by distance animal healing.

There are several different ways to describe healing – energy healing, natural healing and spiritual healing. Energy, light, color and vibration are used as healing tools.

Even though the human sensory apparatus rarely sees beyond the five senses, humans and animals are energy beings. They live in a sea of energy in which everything is connected and everything affects everything else.

The physical body is surrounded by an energy field, often called an aura and Kirlian Photography is able to capture this energy field photographically.

A particularly stressful or negative interaction, even one that took place many years ago, can leave an imprint in the energy field. This in time, can cause physical diseases, mental problems and emotional disturbances.

A Healing Session

During a healing session I sense into the energy field, find the imbalances or blockages there and then work to unblock and balance them. Once a balance has been regained, it is the body itself that does the healing. Giving healing is often likened to jump starting an engine. It gives a boost in the right direction.

Distance Healing

I prefer to work giving Distance Healing (often called Remote Healing) as I find it easier to connect straight into the energy field using this method. It may seem strange, but I find I can discern subtle energies more clearly and work more powerfully, when working at a distance from the physical body.

Over time I have grown confident in my distance healing abilities, because of the beneficial effects the healing has had on the people and animals who have come to me for assistance.

Giving healing is one of my favorite things in life. Its when I feel most linked into the spiritual world which is filled with the most beautiful colors imaginable. Ill health and blockages often appear as dark, dense patches of stagnant energy within the field. A healthy energy field shimmers and glistens with light.

Distance Animal Healing

Distance Animal healing works in just the same way as human healing. Animals respond very well to healing, especially as they have no preconceived ideas as to its efficacy.

I can give healing to an animal on the opposite side of the world. Distance has no meaning when working with subtle energies as everything is intrinsically connected.

Healing is neither a cure nor a diagnosis. Healing can enhance the immune system, bring relaxation and comfort, release unhealed traumas, help with behavioral problems, give support during a course of veterinary treatment and speed up recovery after injury or surgery.

I give Healing on a Donation Basis. Please contact me if you would like my help, or read more about how we work on our Assistance for Animals Page.