The Healing Light is a beautiful and uplifting thing to experience, both as a practitioner and as a recipient of healing.


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We all have spiritual gifts and one of my main gifts is the ability to work with different colored lights for healing. I call this the healing light.

There are many schools of healing and many different ways of assigning certain colors to particular attributes. These can only ever act as general guidelines, in my opinion, as everyone’s experience of a particular color of light will be different.

Try This – Healing Light for Self Healing

Shut your eyes right now. What color or colors do you see? Take a few deep calming breaths and then shut your eyes again. What colors do you see now? Do you notice a difference.

What color do you most associate with peace and relaxation? Shut your eyes again and imagine that color in your minds eye. Is that easy to do?

If ever you find yourself stressed you could imagine that color around you? You could breathe it in?

This is one of the uses of healing light – for self healing.

Green Light – Self Healing

When I first started seeing light, I found that when I was feeling very low, depressed or lonely, a beautiful green light would surround me. It gave me hope and comfort that I was not alone and that I was not a bad person.


Photo by Gradienta on Unsplash

Purple, Magenta, Mauve – Healing Self and Others

When I started giving healing to others, I found that purple, mauve and magenta would often imbue the healing work. The person who was receiving the healing, would often experience similar colors and feel calmed and uplifted by the healing light.

Gold Light – Spiritual Significance?

I was working with a deeply spiritual person and the sessions were often filled with golden light. Some people refer to this as the Christ Light. It is extremely beautiful and has powerful healing attributes. After that particular occasion the gold light would often imbue healing sessions for other people too.

Choosing the Color

Sometimes I will get the feeling that a particular color is required in a session.

For example, a bright color like a red or an orange to bring in life and energy. Blue to bring calming and relaxation. Yellow for upliftment and inspiration. Or white to dissipate dullness and darkness.

Most of the time however, I will let the healing light colors flow freely. Secure in the knowledge that something beyond my rational mind is wiser than me and knows exactly what is needed, in any particular situation.

Brown, Grey and Black Light

Beautiful brown and chestnut colors can bring balance and healing. Stagnant or stuck energies, can appear as dull colors, requiring an infusion of light. Grey, dull brown and black are usually signs of misplaced, distorted energy. An infusion of healing light will rectify and re calibrate these distortions.

How To Use The Different Colors of Healing Light

These are guidelines only. With practice you will find your own unique way of working.

Pain either emotional or physical, disease and injury – green, purple, mauve, indigo.

Stress, tension and anxiety – blue, blue/green, turquoise

Soothing, comforting and filling with love – pink, gold

Cleansing, detoxing, purifying and clearing density and blockages – white, silver

Energizing – red, orange

Brightening, bringing joy and happiness – yellow, orange

Rejuvenating – pink, gold

Spiritual connection – gold, silver

Grounding – brown, green, chestnut

How To Work with the Healing Light for Self Healing

I can give a few guidelines/suggestions as to how to work with the healing light for self healing. Your own imagination and your own creativity are King and Queen in this regards.

Imagine until it becomes real.

Until you can see a color in your minds eye. Practice looking at the color in the physical world, then shut your eyes and see the color within.

Send different colored light to parts of your body and physical systems. Note the effects.

Fill your energy field with colored light and see/feel what happens when using different colors.

If you want to change your emotional state. Fill yourself with an appropriate color. (For example – I was irritated and filling/surrounding myself with blue light calmed me right down almost immediately).

Sense healing light filling your body from different directions.

If you have an injury or illness fill the affected area with healing light.

The Joy of Healing with Color and Light

Its impossible to describe in words just how uplifting and transformative the experience of healing with light can be. As a practitioner I am often blown away by the colors that I experience during a healing session.

The healing light is a most precious gift indeed. May your life be gifted by its blessings.

I give Distance Healing to Animals and give Combined Animal and Human Healing Sessions.


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