Healing the Crow with a broken wing would probably not have been possible without the help of animal communication.The following conversation, between Animal Communicator Karen and the young Crow, took place over several weeks.


Healing The Crow – Finding The Crow

I found a young Crow with a broken wing and brought it home. I have had many experiences with Corvids in the past and have had a few successes and as many failures. This young Crow benefited from my past mistakes.

The wing was expertly bandaged by a helpful vet and the bird had homeopathic remedies for broken bones from another vet. Karen talked to the Crow and I gave the wing regular healing. The break was at the shoulder, which is notoriously difficult to heal. I put the Crow in a spare bedroom as you can see in the above photo. Here follows what happened as noted by Karen in her communications. She has written down some of my questions and I will add a few explanatory notes as well.

Gillian found Crow (not sure of details) with a broken wing.  My first communication with Crow was when she was going to take him to the Exeter vet for his wing to be properly bandaged.

Naming The Crow and Vet Visit


Karen talked to Crow today and he wants to be called ‘Crow’! Crow said he is fed up!  I described to Crow what was going to happen to him on the journey to fix his wing.  I also explained that he would be recuperating with you.  He said ‘ OK I understand and don’t worry.  Thank you for the help Gillian.  I will take the journey in my stride.’  I felt Crow was calmer ….. then he added ‘I have some patience.‘


Karen – Crow is frustrated being kept inside and being kept apart from the Crows who are outside on the garden wall.  I communicated with him and he said ‘I will try to have more patience but I just can’t wait to fly.’

This next paragraph describes when I took off the bandage. Crow looked so forlorn, the wing must have felt very weak. Crow’s eye had been looking bad too, he might have damaged it, not sure.

Fed Up Crow


Gillian – Crow was cross with me yesterday. I expected too much of him. I doubt he will be able to fly now, at least the wing is not totally useless.  He is much happier today and the eye looks better and he is sitting on my shoulder as I type, I won’t leave him unattended unless he can fly more, might put him in the cage a friend supplied.

I tried Crow out in the cage but he didn’t like it at all.


Karen – I spoke to Crow today.  He’s a bit fed up about not flying but he’s very grateful to you for rescuing him and looking after him.  He did wonder if perhaps he could try being in the greenhouse, he thought it looked fun.  Crow ‘I do like being outside.  Perhaps I’ll be able to fly one day?’

The Greenhouse wasn’t a great success either.

Healing The Crow – Flapping Wings

Gillian – I have changed things around in the bedroom and Crow spends his time either on
the chest of drawers looking at his reflection and playing with jewelry, or on a raised
branch near the window. He talks to his reflection. He flies well between the two but
cannot seem to raise himself in flight. This may improve, as he flaps his wings quite often
as though he is strengthening them.

The Crow Flies
Crow flew out of the slightly open window and I saw him almost immediately being mobbed by the three Crows that live nearby. I was amazed he could lift himself up so well in flight.


Gillian – When you have time could you communicate with Crow to see how he is please.
I left the bedroom window open and he must have felt strong enough to leave and
face the other birds. Don’t know whether they are Crows or Ravens or both.
Hopefully he is strong enough to cope now and is establishing a life for himself?


Karen – Crow says “Lord, it’s not easy with this lot.  They are cruel and pick on me.  It is rough.  I do believe they will accept me after a while but it’s not nice to be picked on.  I don’t know where this is all going?  They are nervous of me as I’m different.’  

My thoughts Gillian – send healing vibes to all the other birds picking on Crow.  Crow tells me that this is a good idea.

Healing The Crow and The Other Birds

Gillian – I sent healing to the three birds after receiving your email. Then I went outside and saw all four birds flying together. I didn’t have my glasses on so cannot be certain but there didn’t seem to be chasing happening.  Crossed fingers he is integrating into the flock.He must have smelled horribly of human to begin with!


Karen – So, so far so good with Crow – if they have accepted him that’s fantastic!  You did some very good nursing there!  I think he is a very charming, handsome and interesting Crow, so hopefully he is attractive to other birds as well!

The four Crows had been flying together for several weeks, then I saw one Crow being chased off. There were only two left, so I assumed both young birds had been chased away.  I asked Karen for confirmation of what had happened.

A New Home and Good Karma


Karen – ‘Gillian saved my life!  In answering to her question – No I am in a new area now.  In the trees higher up the hill.  It’s nice up here too.  Yes, I am chased off from Gillian.  That is not my home now but it’s OK.  I adapt to my new life and I am enjoying it up here in the trees.’

Crow wants to tell you ‘Thanks Gillian for your love.  I will always appreciate what you did for me forever!  You’re building up very good Karma!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You will see me flying by sometimes when you walk in the woods!  But, my life is a Crows life now so I probably won’t acknowledge you now, but I still thank you so much for saving my life.  Till we meet again on the other side.  Love Crow
PS there’s lots of food around at the moment!’

Karen and Gillian give Free Animal Communication and Healing to Wildlife. Please contact us if you need help.

Featured image – Photo by Niklas Veenhuis on Unsplash


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