This is Part Two of the Talking To Birds series about Phez the Pheasant.


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Phez was an injured Pheasant that Animal Healer Gillian treated over several months. Her sister Animal Communicator Karen, talked to the bird posing him questions, mainly related to his health. Things that Gillian wanted to know about him, in order to help him recover. You can find Part One here. He looked so terrible most of the time that Gillian didn’t take any photos of him.

There is a lot of background information in this post, to give context to the conversations and to what Phez had to say. Phez’s words are in italics in the paragraphs headed ‘Karen’.

Animal Communication

Birds and animals in general, communicate with each other telepathically, as well as through vocal sounds, physical signs and smells. Animal Communication is a term used to describe the telepathic communication between humans and animals. Learn more about how animals communicate with humans.

A Little About Pheasants

Pheasants are usually incredibly handsome birds with long tail feathers and glistening colors in their plumage. Phez’s legs had given way, he couldn’t fly and he had lost all his tail feathers.

Pheasants are Game birds, so that means is that they are bred to be shot. Perhaps is more people knew what intelligent, spirited, brave and humorous creatures they are, people would think twice?

Part 2 – Talking To Birds – Recovery and Relocation

10.20.20 Gillian

Please could you communicate with Phez. His legs are really coming along, so now I am taking a look at the wings which aren’t so great. So, please let him know I am taking him to a very nice vet called Chris tomorrow at 11.30 to check out his wings and see what is going on with them and if anything can be done. It will be a long journey as before, so please for him not to worry.

Would he prefer to be enclosed in a dark container for the journey or be like last time sitting in the box looking around? Is there anything I can do to make the journey less stressful? Arnica? Please could Phez stop trying to leap up and fly. It is damaging his wings. I know this is a very hard thing to stop as its his natural reflex when startled.

(Gillian had loosely tied up his wings earlier to prevent them being injured when Phez tried to push on them to stand. Pheasants tend to fly up vertically when startled, hence the question about leaping up to fly).

10.20.20 Karen

Gillian!….answers from Phez: Phez says he’s doing a bit better. “My legs are holding me up somewhat. I’m so happy.”

Would he prefer to be enclosed in a dark container for the journey or be like last time sitting in the box looking around?

I have a feeling that a box blacked out is better because if I’m free to look around I might fall over. So yes a dark box.’

Is there anything I can do to make the journey less stressful? Arnica?

‘If you have some handy I could take some.’

I talked to him about stopping trying to fly if he is startled.

‘If Gillian can try not to startle me or surprise me! It’s hard not to try and leap. I’ll try. It’s self preservation. Perhaps Gillian can talk to me more out loud to stop me being startled. This will not be easy. I am looking forward to a day out!’

The Vet Visit

10.21.20 Gillian

Phez was fine in the enclosed box. The vet Chris said he couldn’t do anything for Phez’s wings as they were not broken. He thought the infection had damaged Phez’s nerves that’s why legs and wings weren’t working. So, it is good news really as I can start to get his wings working again.

The legs are far from perfect but getting there… Also I have a technique from the animal healing book I can use – using two terminated quartz crystals. I have used this technique before and forgot about it, so will have a go. I found it effective before. So glad the progress is making Phez happy.

(At this point Gillian contacted the Homeopathic Vet who often helps her. The Vet prescribed Bryonia).

Vast Improvement

10.23.20 Gillian

Its fantastic to see the improvement in Phez. He can get up on his legs and hold it for a few seconds before falling over. The leg that was weakest seems to have suddenly got a lot stronger.

(Phez made remarkable improvements using the various treatments and therapies. So much so that when Gillian took him outside to walk and try to fly in a field, she was finding it hard to catch him as he ran so fast. She often had to do rugby like tackles to catch him. His wings were starting to work and he could fly a little but not enough to escape predators).

Losing Phez

(Phez had got so fast on his legs that one evening Gillian lost him in the bushes and he was out overnight in the rain).

2.21.20 Gillian

I went outside and there was Phez just about to be pounced on by Charlie. (Charlie was a young cat that had just joined the household). I made a loud scream and Charlie ran off. Phez is soaking wet and drying off by the radiator. I can only let him run free in the field from now on, or find someone with an enclosed garden where he can be outside and get his wings back in action again.

(After this incident Gillian decided she could no longer keep Phez. As there was no enclosed and safe space in her home or garden, where he could exercise his wings and run around on his own).

Wildlife Shelter Found


Good news! I have found a wildlife shelter in Plymouth that will take Phez. Leanne is coming to collect him tomorrow morning. So, if you have time please let him know what is happening. There is another Pheasant in the enclosure and she will release them in Spring into an area where there is no shooting.

I’ve set this up without asking him if its OK. Does he want to go somewhere else where he will be able to move around outside till he is strong enough to fly away in April? Is he ready to go tomorrow? Let him know its going to be safer in the long run – no shooting where he will be released. Anything he needs to tell me? I will miss him and I love him.

12.22.20 Gillian

The woman from the Shelter just picked up Phez. He will be in her cellar for a few days to acclimatize temperature wise before going to the outside enclosure with the other Phez. ( who could be a female). They never euthanize birds……just after they left the trucks and cars of the Pheasant Shoot drove by. I will phone the Shelter in a few days to see how he is doing.

Talking To Birds – A New Chapter

12.22.20 Karen

I spoke to Phez. He was feeling a bit lonely and uncertain but he didn’t like meeting the young cat in the garden! He also knows about the hunters – he calls it the Christmas Massacre and he has lost good friends to it.

He says he misses you and said ‘We had a really good bond’ but he accepts its a new chapter in his life. ‘Change is here’. I sent him some healing and I will communicate with him tomorrow.

12.23.20 Karen

I communicated with Phez and he likes the lady carer and he is much happier than yesterday. He is looking forward to meeting the other Pheasants too. He thanks you again and knows this is the right place for him.

12.24.20 Gillian

I rang Leanne (Shelter Lady) and she said he is eating well – live Meal Worms – he must be enjoying those. She is going to let him out on Boxing Day, as there are going to be a succession of sunny days.

(Phez’s wings recovered completely and he was set free in the Spring).

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Vijayalakshmi · July 18, 2022 at 8:13 am

Once again, hats off to Gillian for her caring and bonding towards the pheasant. I felt very happy while reading about the pheasant’s recovery phase. I just loved the communication between Gillian and the Pheasant. I feel happy that it has been shifted to a safe place now. Pheasant will be missing Gillian for sure. I am very sure Gillian’s healing will make Pheasant to fully recover at the earliest and it will be happy with its friends in a safe place and enjoy the rest of its life.

    Gillian · July 18, 2022 at 9:15 am

    Thank you so much for your comments on both posts. It was a long process, but so very much worth it. What an amazing creature that bird is. I have profound respect for him and his kind. Before getting to know him I thought Pheasants were rather dozy birds, as they seem so prone to getting run over. I’m glad to have my preconceptions proved wrong yet again.

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