Talking to Birds – Conversations with a Pheasant.- This is Part One of the transcript of many sessions of Animal Communication between Karen and Phez

talking-to-birds-a pheasant

Talking to Birds Part 1.

There was a Pheasant in Gillian’s garden, whose leg got bitten by a cat. Gillian watched the bird get weaker and weaker, but was only able to catch him when he was terribly ill. It took many months of dedicated work to get him better.

Here follow conversations between Animal Communicator Karen and Phez, the Pheasant. The questions are submitted by Animal Healer Gillian.

Anyone can talk to birds – its a lost art and can be recovered, as there are many great teachers online nowadays. Anyone can heal birds too, again all that is required is desire, perseverance and practice.

Gillian took Phez to the vet twice, once before she started asking him questions through Karen and later on (Part 2) as his legs started to show an improvement.


Gillian, bless Gillian! You can call me Phez and I’m not feeling at all well.

Asked Phez if there was anything Gillian could do for him?

I want water and I like to eat grains, assorted grains. I think I’m improving slowly.

I need to feel safe and getting the food right is important to getting my health back. Keep me safe till I get strong again. Food and water that’s all I need. I’m a bit scared of your cats. I love Gillian’s healing and please thank her for all her care.

Slight Improvement


Thank you so much Karen, I’m glad to know Phez feels he is improving slowly and that he loves the healing. I will do more. He goes really still and peaceful then. His poos are a better color so I know the infection is subsiding – its getting him strong and able to get on his feet again.

Thank you for the grain info. Yes, I am giving him mixed grains and water and keeping him safe. That’s an encouraging communication to keep going with what I am doing.

9.01.20 Karen – I communicated with Phez today, here’s what we discussed.

Yes, I am having great trouble, my legs won’t hold me up. It makes me very sad. I must just keep trying, eventually I’ll be able to stand. I suppose I’m not strong at present, that must be it but it’s so frustrating. Gillian’s exercising of my legs feels good. I will get there. Tell Gillian I love her. Perhaps some healing music would be nice.

Phez also told me he like the communication!

Patience Needed

9.02.20 Gillian

Thanks so much for the communication with Phez. I am glad he likes the exercising and I have some animal healing music so will put that on some more. I like it too, its very soothing. Its hard to watch him struggle to get on his legs.

When you communicate with him again – I assume you will? Please communicate that its going to take some while till he is strong enough to be out and about again. Patience is needed both to get on his legs and to grow back his tail feathers. I love him too. He has made incredible progress already. It took weeks/months for him to get really ill, so it will probably take some while to get better.

9.07.20 Gillian

Phez is much better this afternoon. Stopped the gasping and rasping and is eating well.

(The vet gave me a special nutrient dense food to give him. Also she advised I feed him Meal worms, which he really liked).

Talking to Birds – Lots of Questions for Phez

9.14.20 Gillian

Lots of questions for Phez.

9.14.20 Karen

Gillian…..the answers! Phez says he feels a bit sick in his stomach today.

Does he feel safe on the floor in the Greenhouse? Where does he prefer to be?

It can be a bit freaky in there but basically I feel safe. No – I like it. Feels like life’s a bit more normal in there.

Does he want me to continue to physically work on strengthening his legs? Or should I leave it to him to get up on his legs when he feels strong enough?

(I was moving his legs around trying to get the circulation going, also trying to get him put weight onto his feet).

Like today I felt a bit unwell so the leg thing would not be helpful so wait for me to initiate the leg thing. When I’m week I don’t want the leg thing.

Tying The Wings

Would it be OK if I tie his wings loosely together near the tips, so that he doesn’t damage them any more whilst trying to get up? Or has he a better idea?

We could try this till I’m stronger – it’s temporary – OK.

Does he like me keep coming in to give him food and work on his legs/give healing? Would he prefer if I left him alone more?

Tell Gillian she gives me hope and I like the healing. I know I’m fed up but don’t give up on me please. I still want to live. The legs we’ve talked about.

Is there anything else he needs to tell me. Anything I am doing wrong or could do better?

I like the music. I appreciate the attention. Is there anyway I could have water and food near me so I can feed myself? I might begin to feel more normal then and I do like this communication it’s helpful for me. I love and appreciate Gillian so much and I will get well!

9.19.20 Karen

Does he like the big cage (with branches in) to sit in? Or the little cage – (he has only been in that once or twice a week or so back)? Or does he prefer the greenhouse (except when it gets too hot)?

Hmm – I like the greenhouse. I feel freer in there. I don’t like the small cage. The big cage is OK but I prefer the greenhouse.

The Food’s Good

How is he feeling now?

I’m doing OK. I feel a bit stronger. Less woozy. Yes, a bit more chipper. I can see an end in sight now to all this but Gillian’s got me for life now you know. I’m still a bit sad, all that illness ugh!

I asked him if there was anything more Gillian needs to know?

I’m enjoying my new life with someone looking after me. More companionship which I like and the food is good.

Those Legs

Gillian then wanted to know about the leg exercises. I have stopped doing the leg thing since our last communication. Is he ready or feeling well enough to start again? Or does he just prefer the massage or just healing?

No let’s not do the leg thing. I’m not sure about massage…nothing too rough. Perhaps a bit of stroking gently so my circulation is better – yes that sounds good. Healing is always welcome. Yes, I enjoy attention. Perhaps I’ve never had it so good and bad at the same time.

I think I will be able to stand soon, I am getting stronger and I know I’m very lucky to have Gillian – do tell her thank you. I love her enthusiasm for getting me better. A big thanks to her.

9.22.20 Gillian

Phez is markedly stronger today and putting some weight on his legs.

Standing Efforts

9.23.20 Gillian

I have just been helping Phez in his standing efforts. I admire this bird so much. He has transformed my view of pheasants and animals in general.

9.25.20 Gillian

Phez got cold the night before last in the small bedroom and went backwards a little. I put the radiator on last night and found him pressed up against it. So, he obviously appreciates the warmth. So, its something I will continue to do. His legs are a little stronger. I periodically hold him up while he puts his weight on them. This is one long road to recovery. He looks generally brighter and happier apart from after the night of getting cold.

9.27.20 Karen

Communicated to Phez, he says he is frustrated and sad that he cannot stand….he says it’s very stressful! He is depressed.

9.28.20 Gillian

This work you do is invaluable. Phez has eaten brilliantly today. I spent all my spare time today, holding him up and also massaging his feet to get them uncurled. I feel we have made some progress. He can sit up a little unaided but still thrashes around when getting fully onto his legs. He seems happier. Thank you so much. The communication definitely helps him a great deal. I will keep you posted.

Legs Like Straws

9.29.20 Gillian

Phez seems much happier today, I think he must feel some progress is being made. I tried to make him a sling but it was a dismal failure. So, as yesterday, I have spent a large part of the day propping him up. I am massaging the feet so that they become more normal, but realize they won’t be able to be normal till he is strong enough to actually stand on the legs properly. So I guess it will happen organically with time.

10.8.20 Gillian

I was getting a little despairing about THE LEGS till today, when Phez has made real progress and can almost stand unaided. I look forward to when he can get up onto his feet on his own and stand, this may be a while off yet mind you. Then the next stage will be reached.

10.12.20 Karen

Oh boy this is taking a long time!’

Could you ask Phez about his legs… the weakness in the legs or in his body or both?

My legs don’t want to move to hold me, they feel like straws. My body feels strong. When I get up the legs don’t feel firm. It’s upsetting.

Gillian asked if he feels pain anywhere when using his legs?

Yes, I suppose I get some shooting pains in my legs on standing. They just don’t want to be used but no other pain.

Gillian then wanted to know if she was doing too much, and should leave the strengthening more to him?

I think Gillian is the only thing keeping me going – so don’t stop. If it weren’t for her I would have given up long ago – that’s for sure.

Feet and Holding Up

Gillian then asked about when she turns his feet to a normal position?

(His feet were curled in).

This it is not pleasant when she does this but I suppose it helps body memory and all that. So keep it up please as it does feel normal when they are out flat.

The next question was is holding him up OK?

Yes the holding is good and works well. I just have to get those legs stronger.

Gillian asked what does he feel is most beneficial?

The holding is good, taking my weight is excellent.

Are you feeling stronger?

Yes I am feeling stronger in myself it’s just these legs!’

Anything I can do to help him more?

No Gillian you are doing so much anyway. Please thank her so much for all she does – we have really bonded. She makes me very happy and I will get there .

The second installment in this communication and healing journey is in Part 2

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Vijayalakshmi · July 4, 2022 at 10:45 am

I have no words to express how amazed I am seeing the pheasant. Loved this connection between Gillian and the pheasant. Hats off to Gillian!!! for such a remarkable job. Her care, concerns, healings, extraordinary love and affection, kindness and most importantly bonding with the pheasant made it gain confidence. Her commitment has helped to improve the health of the pheasant and hoping to see it normal soon.

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