Here are some Testimonials from happy clients for Karen and Gillian’s Communication and Healing work.

When my elderly border collie, Jess, was experiencing health issues, we had pretty much exhausted the conventional vet route and I turned more and more towards holistic healing. Karen’s services of animal communication really helped at this time and continued throughout the remainder or Jess’s life. 

Karen’s gift was extraordinary insight and was such a support for both Jess and myself. Losing my best friend in our 16th year together was always going to be tough, but Karen’s loving guidance and kindness made the process very peaceful and grounded. 
I am full of gratitude for having Jess in my life and I am sure she is as appreciative as I am for the part Karen played in our experience. 
With heartfelt thanks.

Siân x

Gillian literally saved my life – she opened intense blockage in my chest that I’ve been trying to heal for a while. It was pretty bad that had affected my driving condition, feeling hazy and having unstable focus on the road. Thanks to Gillian’s healing, I immediately felt the effect afterwards, and I could drive safe with clarity. She also tuned into my deeply suppressed anger that no other person could pick it up. I was quite relieved that she could empathize my emotion. Being on a journey of self-healing for years, I can assure you that Gillian is a rare authentic healer! She’s the gold for all lives and creatures on mother earth

❤️ Erin

If you have concerns about an animal in your care, I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen’s services. I have consulted her several times about my pets and the messages she has given me have proven to be very clear and wonderfully helpful. I have no doubt that Karen is a true animal communicator and I am delighted to have found her.

Steven_H Ireland

Gillian has done several healings on my dog, he suffers from Arthritis, he has been on medication but still having symptoms. Since Gillian has done healing on him he has been more puppy like and also more independent, he was very clingy. Gillian also brought light to me that some of his issues are linked to me, this has brought me great understanding and compassion, bringing us closer together. I feel this has also lessened his clingyness. So much gratitude Gillian. Thank you.

Yazmin and Splinta. 

I embarked on Healing from Gillian in April 2019, as I was suffering with spinal stenosis, osteoporosis and arthritis and conventional medication was not helping. Our first consultations were in person then after a month I moved to Distance Healing. The results were immediate! Reduction of pain, increased mobility and a general sense of well being and energy, which has continued with our weekly sessions over the past two and a half years. Gillian is a beautiful person – inside and out – with a wonderful gift which she uses to benefit others. I recommend her most highly, she has changed my life.

Jane Barnett

I’ve had healing sessions with Gillian over several years for various concerns. When I met her, I felt broken and distraught due to many heartaches in life. 

She is a gifted healer, compassionate, sensitive, kind, and patient. She’s also studied and practiced extensively to hone her natural abilities. During healing sessions, I feel her connect and work on my energies. It is amazing how she intuitively finds areas that need help.  

After a healing session, I feel lighter, peaceful, and calm. Often in the days following a session, helpful insights come to me. Over time, with Gillian’s support, I’ve processed through a lot of anger, grief, depression, and sadness. I’m now much less angry and anxious, more peaceful, and I even often feel happy. 

Gillian has also given healing sessions to my family’s pets, helping their ailments and emotions improve. 

Gillian has made a significant difference in my life, and I am very pleased to recommend her healing services. 

Lisa Hanneman